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Features of Computers, in this article we are visiting examine the features of computer speed, accuracy, reliability, versatility, and storage capacity are the five most significant features of a computer. That has made us all-pervasive speed typically a computer can perform three to four million instructions per second accuracy computer exhibits a really high degree of accuracy. what does that mean that errors that are usually done by humans if you and I do any calculations any operations? we would do some errors the pc won’t do those errors reliability computer can carry out the identical variety of work again and again. but, it’ll not do any error.

It doesn’t get bored like us and make errors versatility computers can perform a large range of work. you’ll see in your own life. it will create documents for you. it will create presentations you visit a hospital so you see that, I’ll log in and log out of the patient’s is being done using that if you visit a railway station. you’ll book a ticket employing a computer. so, it’s doing a large variety of work for your storage capacity computers can store an oversized amount of data on a really small memory small hard disk or Pendrive. you’ll store huge amounts of information, for instance, the worker details of an organization that has to say a thousand employees is just placed on one Pendrive in order. that is that the storage capacity of a computer these features bring us to the benefits that the computer needs to offer computers can do the same task repetitively with the identical accuracy no error is going to be introduced if the computer has done the identical work say hundred times or 200 times computers do not get tired or bored like us.

they’re going to keep on doing the identical work repetitively and still with the identical accuracy computers can take up routine tasks while releasing masses for more intelligent functions what does that mean that the dumb functions the identical calculations that should be done again is given to computers and that we humans can utilize our time and expertise in doing something more creative. that can’t be done by the computer however computers have their own disadvantages still computers have no intelligence just like.

I told you that we humans can do creative work but computers cannot do this because they are doing not have intelligence. they are doing not have brains like, we humans do second is regular electric supply is critical to make computers work. so if you are doing not have a regular electric supply the computer won’t work. you may say that laptops will work ok laptops also have a specific amount of battery life say 4 to five hours. they’ll work but afterward they will just die out and last but not the least trained people are required to work on computers if somebody doesn’t know anything about computers the way to work on it. they can’t use the computer during this article we’ve seen what the features of computers are what makes it so useful to us.

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