Job Opportunities in Computer Science Engineering/CSE after BE/Btech.

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hi, welcome to our next article on job opportunities and computer science engineering in this article. we are going to discuss the different types of jobs and which kind of companies with their salary offering and growth opportunities. you have after completing V V Tech in cs engineering in India around 1.5 million engineers pass out every year from them around 14 percent are computers SE. however, every graduate has one question in mind what is the next best thing to do if you are thinking about the job and want to know about different opportunities.

you have this article is for you normally students choose two fields after computer science one is software and another is hardware. our jobs are divided into three categories in every industry system architecture software, developer software, testing system architecture is little high profile jobs. they majorly work in algorithm development system-level design for software this requires high skills in mathematics and aptitude with the understanding of programming language. software development is also a little high profile job that basically focuses on the development of codes for software or platforms. this also requires high skills in programming and a little bit of aptitude software testing is little low profile jobs this mainly focuses on testing and finding bugs in developed programs some jobs will also be in technical support for customers. this requires skill in understanding programming language parts from these software jobs are divided into basic industries red-faced industries and service industries product based industries have their own software as pause some system platforms for their use.

they normally offer a high package of 4 to 5 lakhs per annum some of the prime companies like Google Microsoft Adobe etc offers packages around 8 lakhs per annum. these companies may great working culture and have high market value but they require great skills and aptitude and very good understanding in  coding language. they have a very competitive requirement for selected service industries develop their customer system platforms or software. they work on a tight timeline and they have a very competitive environment and highly challenging jobs they offer an initial package of around 3 lakhs per annum but after 2 + years of experience you have growth is exponential based on your performance. they require higher scales of programming and communication with aptitude major service industries to Reuters our TCS Withrow Accenture and poses phonies and etc hardware jobs are divided in two categories hardware development hardware maintenance hardware development is research for developing and better and faster equipment like processors Ram graphics card etc. this saw profile requires a better understanding of microprocessor and programming language which could have to do some major companies our Intel Dell Nvidia IBM Cisco etc hardware maintenance is low profile jobs with testing and installing hardware and maintaining them. this can be the small department in any company which looks after hardware and software installation if you like the information please like share and comment and subscribe for getting the update on this kind of article and check out our series on mechanical engineering thanks for Reading.

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