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Windows 10 Tips and


Windows 10 आते ही लोग बहोत ही विंडो १० पर यूजर जा रहे है।. If you have already started running it, or you are contemplating to run it, some hidden tricks may enable you to have a

clear understanding and easy operation of this latest Operating System in the market. If at all you were still on the fence, it’s now time to take note. Windows 10 is a combination of both

[previous window version 1st window 8 (security and fast working) and window 7 (the best version of family use ). When you discover and implement the power user tricks and tips, you will love

this new OS version.

You Need to know All about Windows 10 before install In your computer or laptop we explain all in


Task view & virtual


Before launch window 10 only mac Os and Linux users enjoying your work now day window 10 also give happiness window user. With Windows 10, you join that

league. By this OS, you using multiple windows at a time like u open e-mail and 2nd you also open skype, 3rd twitter and also using internet browsing. Click on the Task View icon that is on

the taskbar to get started. The Task View icon is located on the right side of the search box.

Print to PDF

A document can be saved or printed as PDF without having to use a third-party utility. This is an aspect that makes it easy for documents that are not

easily modified to easily be saved and distributed. This is another unique, long Over feature that makes the OS to be under the radar.

Run it in a virtual machine

If you are contempt. to take the Windows 10 plunge without having to disturb which is in fine operation, you need to first know how Windows 10 can be

installed in a virtual, laptop. Note that this is a system that is used to synchronize the entire operating system with your existing operating system

Battery saver

When You’re in laptop or other mobile devices and your battery happens to be running low and this OS begins to throttle back the background services among other threads there by

squeezing the last bits of your battery life out of your device.

Background scrolling

Go to Settings> Devices> Mouse and Touchpad and when you move the arrow of your mouse over a window as you try to scroll; your operation will be

done faster.

Keyboard shortcuts

Below are some shortcuts that may usefully when you start having easy your daily work:

• Windows Key & Tab is for Task View

• Windows Key & Right-Up is a shortcut for Moving to the top right quadrant

• Windows Key & Ctrl &Left or Right is for virtual desktop

• Windows Key & Ctrl & D is a shortcut for new desktop

• Windows Key & S is a shortcut for Daily Update for sports, weather, news

• Windows Key & Ctrl & F4 is a shortcut for closing desktop

• Windows Key & Up or Down is a shortcut for snapping apps to top or the bottom of the screen or maximizes

Other important features include the One-Drive PRovide and Gaming Streaming among others.

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